Undercurrent and Camden People's Theatre present


An arresting new production based on the life of George Price (1922-1975), presented within yards from where Price lived, worked and died.

Price taught himself the basics of evolutionary genetics and formulated an equation widely acknowledged as the mathematical explanation for the evolution of altruism – something science had been trying to do since Darwin. The Price Equation was so extraordinary, University College London gave Price an honorary position within ninety minutes of him walking in off the street. The magnitude of his discovery shook Price’s atheism to the core. He believed it must be a gift from God. Three years later, Price was discovered in a squat having slit his throat. Seven men attended his funeral – five homeless and two of our greatest evolutionary biologists.

Directed by Laura Farnworth, Design Lucy Sierra, Lighting Design Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn, Sound Nick Rothwell, Production Manager Ed Borgnis.

Cast: Adam Burton, Neil Craig, Rachael Spence.

Producer Sophie Cornell

Images Richard Davenport