Drones Baby Drones a double bill.

This Tuesday by David Greig. Directed by Mehmet Ergen

The Kid by Ron Hutchinson. Directed by Nick Kent.


Two interlinking plays. One vital tale of power, sex and infighting at the top of the Washington establishment, and its far-reaching repercussions. As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, this world premiere double bill probes behind the scenes of America’s controversial drone wars, and asks what they will mean for our future.

This Tuesday
5a.m. A CIA director learns shocking news about her daughter. A White House security adviser sleeps with an intern. A Pentagon General works out in the gym. This Tuesday, in an hour, they have a vital decision to make.

The Kid
Wednesday. A missile hits a wedding in Pakistan. 7000 miles away, two drone operators begin their celebration. Pushing the button was the start. If only it were the end…

Lighting Design & Projection Richard Williamson.